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1. How does Value Stream Mapping work?

This tool helps in visualising process path and information flows. Furthermore, it identifies possible waste in the process, shows current work scheme in the unit and helps in introducing solid and systematic improvements in the process.

2. What are the benefits of conducting Quality Audit of processes for your company?

  • simplified and shorter processes
  • “bottlenecks” in the processes identified and eliminated
  • dependency reduced and repeated processes eliminated
  • decreased error rate by automating previously manual tasks
  • better employee working time management
  • decrease in current costs (to mention stationary goods only)
  • optimised employment by more efficient working time management
  • better utilisation of other resources (e.g. office equipment)
  • enhanced competitiveness

3. What are the stages of feasibility audit?

  • diagnosing current state of given organisation or its business unit for which the solution can be tailored and implemented
  • defining and distinguishing processes/activities within the unit
  • measuring and mapping processes/activities in terms of their effectiveness and management
  • presenting problems and other issues identified in the aforementioned processes which affect unit’s performance and effectiveness of the processes in a significant manner
  • recommending improvements in processes and the unit with the use of appropriate IT solution
  • post-implementation consulting and monitoring