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About us

somobiles.com specializes in creating tailored maps of processes within and between business units as well as modern customer service solutions which are the most feasible for our clients. We do it by conducting quality audits that include all the processes within the company examined.

We pay special attention to customer relations processes e.g. focused around Customer Relationship Management activities.

Once the audit is finished we present a scheme of actual processes (created by interviewing users involved directly in the process) and a table of “issues to be solved”. It is a snapshot of activities and a measure of performance at each stage of the procedure. It is then followed by specific recommendations and proposal of new, optimised process.

Business Process Reengineering and Total Quality Management techniques included in our offer will help in more effective allocation of resources within your company and more efficient processes.

Final recommendation will be supplemented with a list of further suggestions regarding IT solutions to enhance the process performance.